Veoneer first introduced Night Vision in 2005 as a driving aid. In 2008, Veoneer enhanced the system by adding Pedestrian Detection and Warning. In 2013, the World's First Animal Detection system was introduced to help solve one of the most complex and dangerous aspects of night time driving. In select markets, Night Vision with Spotlight Function is offered to enhance the night time driving experience.



deer.pngActing on research, which shows there are over 1.5 million reported deer-vehicle accidents every year in the US and Europe alone, Veoneer developed it's newest Night Vision feature - Animal Detection. Night Vision with Animal Detection highlights animals on the road ahead in as fast as a typical human "blink of an eye." An alert will occur if the driver doesn't change the course of the vehicle or apply the brakes.

Night Vision with Animal Detection took several years to develop, with testing done across the globe. Because animals are different shapes and sizes, the training process for detecting animals is complex. Thousands of video sequences were used to train the algorithms for reliable detection of deer, moose, horses, cows and wild boar. In many cases, dogs, cats and rabbits are also detected.